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Sister Netherlands giving Canada flowers

Sister Netherlands
Wikia- Sis netherlands
Sister Netherlands at the Royal Ball








Netherlands (Brother)



First Appearance

Who To Give Flowers

Sister Netherlands is a minor character in Scandinavia and the World. She has only appeared in three comics and has had no speaking lines in any of the three, but she gives the impression of being sweet natured and sociable. Unlike most of the sisters, she does not resemble her brother physically, having neatly braided light blond hair rather than messy brown hair. She wears a gown to the Royal Ball, but her everyday clothing includes a tee-shirt, hinting at a laid-back personality.

She may have a slight crush on Canada, but could just have a flirty character (representing Amsterdam's association with prostitution perhaps). However, the image above giving Canada flowers is a reference to her thankfulness for Canada's efforts to liberate her country during World War II.

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