Sami, Saami, Sámi, Sápmi or Lapland is a minor character, representing the Sami people in the north of the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland). He was created for the strip "Santa is a... in which Father Christmas (Santa Claus) is Sami as he is believed to live in the north of either Norway, Sweden or Finland (in specific Korvatunturi, Finnish Lapland).
Sister Sami

A female Sami appears in "A Big F You", but it is unknown whether she is Sister Sami or a redesign of the Sami character.


He is shown to be slightly short, dark-brown haired and wearing a gákti decorated with the Sápmi flag like in the style of the other characters and their shirts. He is also a non-traditional red hat, brown and red trousers and white shoes.

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