This is Malaysia. Continent: Asia Language: Malay Gender: Girl Family: England, Singapore, Brunei

Malaysia is a shy character in Scandinavia and the World. Now strangely she is only seen in the comic LOST. Now Malaysia asking China for help to get her people back. But China is not helping but he think that Malaysia is being freaking weird.

OK maybe.  But China has no destination with Malaysia it's better as a story for another time. Her father is England. And you know how good England is. He is VEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY Good at colonizing. Now in the Comic it said she said that she lost 236 people all at once. Now in SatW Malaysia has no male accent you know that, right? It is seen in the picture -------------------------------->

This is how Malaysia is like to China:

Malaysia: Uh, China I lost 236 people and I need your help.

China: People go missing all over the world.

Malaysia: Yeah But, I lost all at ONCE

China: WHAT? HOW?

Malaysia: They were altogether, IN A PLANE

China: Really Malaysia? You're gonna use the fact that they were in a giant shiny box with a radio and tracking system as your excuse ​for losing them?

Well that's it. Have a SatW day ;D.

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